The difference, is positive, and negative!
Imagine that you lived in a world that was all red...all the people are wearing red cloth, have red hair and live in red houses...and they all have the same mind, same ideas, and same limits.
What about if you lived in a world full of colors and people wearing colorful cloth, with different ideas and different talents and thoughts.
Which one do you think is better? The colorful world, or the red world?
The difference had positive effect on the humanity and for the universe:
-ONE: It gives opportunities for people to find new hidden things, animals, planets, and places.
-TWO: The difference is also found in the thoughts of people. When people have different points of views and different ideas, they can share them to help and be helped from other people.
-THREE: The different cultures of people, they help others learn about them and their families, about their talents, countries, lifestyles, and flags! all these qualities help people learn new things, and new cultures, or even learn new talents and arts of life from other people!
But the difference has also a negative side that gets to conflicts and problems!
But remember, that being different doesn't mean your weird or crazy, it means your amazing and trying to be yourself!!!