A few months ago I discovered that I struggel with slight anxiety. You know, stuff like: don´t like public situation, s ashamed of eating infront of others, no self confidence, and so on. (I´m not an expert, I just wanted to help other people and tell you what helped me gaining confidence.) Some of the tips might seem strange but, just have a try...Sorry for the long ass introduction, let´s begin:

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Drink lots of water
It will help you get happier and feeling good. And I dont mean stuff like cola, drink green tea and water .If normal water is too borng for you, put fruits like strawberries or lemon inside. There are 1000 ideas. In the beginning you could use a water drinking app or you join a Drinking callenge. Once you developed a habit, it gets easier. Your final goal should be 2,5 liters or more.

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Treat yourself like a dog
It sounds very random, but just think about it: Go outside 2 times a day, move, ...

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Eat healty and move regulary
Eting right can change lot of things. believe me.
you could do for a walk in the evening to begin with. Discover a new sport hobby you like, whaterver you do, just move.

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Things you have to keep in mind:
-You are enough
-You have to live your life, so make sure you like it, if others like it is secondary
-Perfect is boring
-People always say the negative things, so instead of saying the 99 things you do right, they say the 1 you do wrong.
-Imagine you are a demon from hell and inhabit a humans body. You have to treat the body good because these human-things are weak af.
-Have more naked dace partys infront of the mirror with yourself. Believe me. In the beginning you will hate what you see, but it gets better. (But make sure you´re home alone or to lock your room door!)

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We Heart It
This point helped me the most i think:
I follow we heart it channels like Empowerment, Happiness and Love Yourself. The Pictures really help you gaining self confidence. I look at them in the morning before i start in the day. Try remembering one quote that inspires you. Keep it in mind during the Bam Bam Bam horrible time outside. Try to look at them as often as possible.

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Positive thoughts
And last but not least, a classic one: Try to think positive. Focus on yourself: You are the most important person in your life. Act like it. Instead of putting others down, look at their positive effects.

- unknown

And a last post from tumblr that i really really like:
Do you thing god ever sits on his cloud throne all sad and grumpy like "why dont you love youself? I worked so hard on you." God never lets a soul go to his earth he dosent love and admire (I´not religious but this is in my opinion, really uplifting)

So whatever comes your way: You got this! I believe in you <3
Excuse my bad english, I´m not a native speaker.