Hey! I return with my Bolivia stories after a few days because I had a few things to do: study, arrange photos, look for new inspirations about Pinterest, which maybe I'll tell you later. I keep on telling the experience, perhaps the most beautiful, of all the journey. During the first week we went to a peasant village at 4000m and we lived with them for two days. We stayed with them lasting for the whole day, fortunately it was a holiday day and so did not wake up at 5 to work. We shared the mass and a meeting to decide how to divide the work tools of the week and continue to plow the fields.
They have been difficult days for me, accustomed to all amenities, bath, hot water, wifi, telephone. But there have been times when you rediscover yourself, reflect on everything that is part of you, and renew your spirit to move on to not halt your first obstacles.
See you soon!