Hello Stars,
Yeeey, Zayn has a new song! The song is called Dusk Till Dawn and Sia also sings. I have listened to the song of Umm 300 times. Yes I am such a person who is listening a new nice song one day like a thousand times. But well I'm going to tell in this article something about this song. (Want to listen to this song now? Link is at the bottom of this)

What makes the song so good?
The voice of Zayn is great, and the voice of Sia is also great. But together it is an explosion of greatness. I never thought that Sia and Zayn would really go well because they differed from music. Or that's what I thought now this song there is I know it'nt.

Is the song hard to sing?
Yes, there are pieces in which you have to sing low and also pieces where you have to sing very high. You need talent to sing this well pure (or just sing like me and think idfc). I really can't sing well, I really admire people who can sing well. In the song I really find that Zayn really sings very well (really extremely good) Sia also but Sia has sung more of this kind of songs so we could expect it a bit.

Directioner part (you can read or skip it idc)
Okay I have to be honest after Zayn stapped out of One Direction and One Direction had ' betrayed ' what it actually wasn't really, I wasn't really fan anymore from Zayn. But now everything is again ' quiet ' and I have been listening to his music since a few days ago I become really more and more fan (more like: half fan person). I find his music really good.

Okay so this was it for today. Do you still know topics about which I can write an article? I sometimes have a lot of ideas and sometimes I don't. Hopefully you liked it, and until next time!

Big Hug,

fun you read this:)