I'm in love with your eyes
the way they look at me,
the way they stare at the world,
the way they close when the lights are too bright

I'm in love with your hair
the way you cut them some times,
the way you let them curly other times,
the way you get annoyed when I touch them

I'm in love with your mouth
the way you smile when no one notices on silly jokes,
the way you tighten your lips when you get angry,
the way you open your mouth to sigh

I'm in love with your thoughts
the way you get people confused when you show them how clever you are,
the way you can always inspire me and make me admire you for your existence,
the way you think about love and lost

I'm in love with your body
the way you push yourself to the end,
the way you work on body structure and building muscles even though I find you perfect as you are,
the way you hold your hands and legs while you walk

I'm in love with your existence
the way you appear in my life,
the way you are here whenever I need you,
the way you touch me when I'm bored and tired

I'm in love with being in love with you
I'm in love with talking to you,
saying my thoughts to you,
crying on you,
messing with you,
complaining on you.

And I'm in love with the fact that I can always talk to you without you even knowing that I'm in love with you
And so I can talk about everything
And so I can focus on you
And work on every detail
And love the fact that we're friends even though I want you all to myself.

Yours Marie