Many people have said they listen to it when they were trying to get over a breakup or trying to get over somebody or forget somebody. And, um, I do a lot of meet and greets before the show and after, and this is a song that gets brought up a lot. And first of all, I think that if you’ve involved me or my music in any way with your heartbreak or your loneliness, I think that’s the highest honor you could ever give a songwriter. So thank you to anyone who’s ever done that. You know, I’ve done a lot of thinking about heartbreak and what it is to lose someone, and you know, I think the worst part about having your heart broken and losing someone, whether you lost a friend or you lost someone you were in love with. Is that if you think about what it is to fall in love, it involves a lot of bravery and vulnerability to let someone in your life. You decide that you’re gonna trust them. You decide that you’re gonna let them see every aspect of your personality and of your life, things you might be insecure about. You let them see those things. You even introduce them to people you know. You’re gonna let somebody in, and I think that the worst part about having your heart broken or being betrayed or losing someone, is that it makes you regret those brave things that you did in the beginning of the relationship. You sit there and you think, “I’m so stupid. Why did I let them in? I should’ve played games. I should’ve, like, messed with their head. You’re supposed to do that. You’re not supposed to let people in and trust them immediately. Everyone tells you that. Why am I so stupid?” And I think that’s the worst part of heartbreak. Because let me just tell you that letting people in, trusting people, and being generous with your heart, those are beautiful things to do. Those are not stupid things to do. And I have a feeling that, just based on how you’ve treated me tonight, I have a feeling we have a lot of optimists, a lot of daydreamers, a lot of hopeless romantics with us tonight. Do we, Nashville? I had a feeling about that. Those are my favorite people to hang out with. You know, I think cynics, they might get hurt less. They may get fooled less. They may be betrayed less than us. But I think that, if you’re open. And you are generous. And you are vulnerable, and you’re not cynical about love and life and happiness and excitement. I want that life for you. Because I think you’ll have a much more beautiful life. So you get your heart broken, and then you have to go on living every single day putting one foot in front of the other. And you have to go and replace all these habits. Like getting a text message from that person in the morning. Or getting a phone call from them at night. Or getting little surprises. And you have to replace those habits with new ones. But maybe, you replace all the time that you spent with that person with spending time with your friends or your family. And maybe, maybe, you decided instead of factoring someone else’s opinion into every decision you make and everything you decide to do with your life. Maybe you only listen to your own instinct. Maybe you start making choices based on what you want. And you know, I think whether it’s a few months or a year, one day you wake up and you don’t have to think about replacing those habits anymore. And you don’t feel like “heartbroken” is written across your forehead anymore. You don’t feel like it defines you anymore. Whether it be one month or a year or two years later, one day you wake up. And you look in the mirror, and you’re clean.
— Taylor Swift Clean Speech Nashville Night 1 (via nightlock)