I´ve been scared of doing things, and talking about me, and all that stuff that doesn´t really scare a lot of people. However, I am always eager to go to new places and explore them. There are so many places on the world, so many stories, so many things to do, smell, feel , see and more. I feel trapped every time I stay in the same place, for 2 or 3 months. I just can´t help, but want to go somewhere new. Even if it is a small town, 20 minutes from my house, or 12 hour flight away, it is always interesting. The bad thing is that it costs too much, but it is worth it. Every time I get to a new place, my heart feels warm, and full, I feel happy and excited. I can wait for me to grow up, have a stablished job and home of my own, and manage my time so that I can go and explore what the world has in store for us.