Cold room, no lights, a bit warmth on my arms.
Tears shed, I screamed, just can’t stay calm.

Was told, am immature, you don’t understand.
The hurt, the sadness, it starts to expand.

I tried, won’t lie, to be what you want.
Got ignored, what’s worse, always got a taunt.

“Are Irritating, just so annoying”, the words I used to hear.
Calmly waited, but got frustrated, no more can I bear.

Stopped sobbing, cleared eyes, started the prep.
Walked blunt, didn’t care, took a coward step.

Have to cut, must kill, the guy who lived.
He’s a goner, I’m a loner, got nothing now to give.

Do strive, try to thrive, in finding the real me.
Won’t succeed, may even plead, but the soul is now free.