Oh boy, where do I begin?

Ever since I was a young girl I've struggled with acne. And take it from me, it is not a pleasant thing to have.

I remember growing up having people stare at my skin because it had bumps on it, and back then I didn't really care because I wasn't so focused on my appearance, i was too busy having fun with life.

But then I started to get older.

Then this evil entity crept up behind me and draped it self against my body with no warning at all.

That entity's name was insecurity.

As I began to sprout, my new found self consciousness bloomed right along with me. I began noticing the beautiful girls on social media with flawless skin and how the media just praised them. I looked at their skin which was blemish free and had a vibrant glow like the sun which was painted across their body.

And then I looked at my skin.

I patted my two cheeks, and felt the bumps that were dispersed all across them.

I felt against my forehead and the pad of my fingers glided across the scratchy area that was decorated with more bumps.

And worst of all, I turned in the mirror and seen my back. It was now blanketed with mahogany spots against my cocoa skin making me look like a speckled brown swan.

I realized that my skin didn't look like the beautiful girls I saw on social media. I looked at my family members and saw that they didn't have this outbreak all over their skin either. My family would look at me, and when they saw that I caught them looking, they would look away. They would talk about me. They would talk about my acne covered body.

And that made me feel dejected. I felt like I didn't fit in.

I would cover up my skin because I didn't want anyone to see my bad skin, and be too nervous to get on camera because other people would see the ugliness that I saw.

I remember wallowing around in my own self pity, but like a broken wire, something sparked within me and it told me to create a change.

Of course I tried using many skin products, and after trying them and all of them failing, I was becoming despondent again.


I came to a conclusion.

I thought to myself, If I can't love myself and accept all of my flaws and all the imperfections that come with me, then nobody will. I have to learn to look at myself in the mirror and realize that I am not one of those beautiful girls on social media with clear skin, but that I am my own kind of beauty. I am gorgeous, I am strong, I am me. I don't need to cover up anymore, because I have now opened up a new chapter in my life that will never be hidden again. Not by society because it makes me feel like an outcast, not by the people around me that make comments, and definitely not by anyone else in this world. My skin, my body, my heart is unique.

And although my skin may not be clear,

my mission to keep going in life now is.


This was for all the people struggling with acne. I've been in your shoes and I know how it feels.