Did u ever feel that u r alone when u r in a room with too much people?

Did u ever feel unloved when u have a family that loves u?

And did u ever had to finish ur life without one of ur parents.. and he the closest person to u?

Well i hope i m not the only one that feels like that .. but i m tired .. i m tired of living ..

3 days ago i said that i ll be happy .. not sadness anymore .. and today i start believing that for everything .. there is a new beginning ..

But i was so wrong .. cause i had hope .. and now after being so disappointed from this life .. i became worse..

So i prefer now to be sad .. i don't want to be happy .. if after being happy for two or three days i ll suffer more then before..

Is it hard to live ur life like people in ur age?

Is it really so hard to be normal like other people and had a life like em?

I really can't undersand anything anymore

- A lonely girl