~A vibe that feels like you know somebody, from old times, from another life, from beyond the earth...even if is a stranger, he makes you feel like home, but don't forget, we all have two sides, the one we let people see and the one we don't.

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Please read the previous part to understand

~ The next day when we met, Elliana and her boyfriend Phill went to the store
So now it's just me and Stanys . He didn't say anything so I didn't say anything . We were like O_O. Awkward moment
After a few minutes he broke the ice

Stanys : Let's just say we know each other well and start talking normally, like good friends.
Carla : Let's just say...no.
Stanys : You are right, after all, we hardly know each other.
Carla : Yea.... cuz' you dont speak very much when we are all outside. ( bitchy moment )
Stanys : ...
Carla : I don't want to make it any harder for you Stanys, I barely know you, you're always the quiet one.
Stanys : That's me. Maybe I'm shy.
Carla : You don't look like a shy guy.
Stanys : thank you???
Carla : I find you charming, I like your mystery, but you can be a psycho.
Stanys : ummm... thank you again...or not? I'm so confused. Is this a compliment?
Carla : Take it like a compliment.
Stanys : Ok babe.
Carla: Wait..what?
Stanys :What? Take it like a compliment.
Carla: If this was a joke, you suck at jokes.
Stanys: I can say your dark side attracts me too.
Carla : Oh, this is it! Do you like bad people? That's why you are so good friend with Phill?
Stanys : ww..What? No! Phill is my bestfriend because we grew up together. I know Phill is not a really good person, he is kind..of bad, but this is him. I can't change that.
Carla: Kind of bad? He beats her! You know it! We see it!
Stanys : And you see I don't agree with him and I stop him when I'm around.
Carla : A person can change Stanys. Why didn't you talk about that with Phill?
Stanys : Wow Carla. I'm friend with him for years, you barely know me, like you said, don't be so judgmental.
Carla : I'm not judmental, I'm curious.
Stanys : I punched him, I yelled at him! If you are so curious, I'll tell you. Phill have some problems and Elliana knows about them. She accepts both sides of him. Maybe you should talk with Elliana. Maybe she needs to leave him.
Carla : Oh..., Elliana and Phill are coming back. Let's talk again when we are alone.
Stanys : Yes... and I'm sorry for my outburst.
Carla : I deserved it.

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Elliana : Hey guys! What are you talking about?
Carla : About cars. ( all smiles )
Phill : Cars? you?
Stanys : Yes Phill. We. :)
Phill : Hahaha....Stanys, you can speak about cars only with men.
Carla : Why?
Phill : I don't bother to answer.
Stanys : He's just joking....let his stupid a*s. ( fake laugh )
Phill : I'm not joking.
Elliana : Phill, stop it!
Phill : You shut the f**k up!
Stanys : Hey, come on man, take it easy, let's have some beer and let's just go at funpark with our girls.
Phill : MY brotherrr, sounds good!

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~ We went to funpark and I thanked him cuz' he stopped that tense moment. And then he smilled at me ...his big,seductive smile,...he took my hand...omg he has very warm hands...and he kissed my hand like a gentleman.
That was the moment when I was just wondering if it's possible to fall in love. I was scared of love and I couldn't bring myself to fall in love with him.

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To be continued.