I know it’s been a while since we’ve last talked and i know i am the one to blame.
Because I hurt you the last time we spoke, and I’m trying to prevent us from more pain. I don’t want you to think I could come back to you, and I don’t even know if you want me too.
Maybe you have gotten over the days we spent together and you’ve found someone new. I never meant for you to get crushed when I built all of the walls inside of my heart.
You see, my intention was to keep you inside the walls, but then suddenly you were so far part.
I would call to hear your voice, if id didn’t know that it would only hurt both of us.
I don’t want you to see that I wasn’t capable of love, I just couldn’t love you.
I am sorry for this, because you were there for me when I couldn’t be strong.
But you see you gave me strength to do what’s best for me, even though to you, that decision was wrong.