I cried across the ocean,
laid on deepest places
of Earth's ledges.
Ripped my skin
just to grow it back again.
I'm stuck on infinite roads
of numberless curses
imposed by your mouth.
Like a river without water,
I am a body without tears.
You absorbed every single tear
I had in my system,
you pulled out every atom
of my body.
Now emptiness sleeps in me.
Hard,cold,rough emptiness.
Nothingness floats around my heart
and demons of past still haunt me.
You left holes like cigarette
burns on my skin,
and I cannot fill them
with flowers,
I cannot feed them with poetry.
I am afraid that humans
waste their love on people like dessert roads,
and when the right person comes, and light should be burning
they have no love left to give.
That is what you did to me.
You took away my love.
Now when I need it
I can't love anymore.