one of most heart breaking moments in life would be loving someone and not being able to be with them i nthe same space and time
you can't show your love and you can't feel theirs

it gets harder everyday, seeing other couples how they are with each other and you are there just looking them alone , while you have your own person just not close

i would say it s worth it , cause i dont want anyone else, my mind and heart choose him , wants him and no one else

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sometimes i feel down and just wanna be like everyone else date someone close here near me , ehhh those are the days
i would be moody and i get sad and angry sometimes before i would get so mad to the point i ma mad at him cause his far
i learnt the hard way its not his fault this distance between , he is also dealing with what i go thru everyday, he is my love , and if this is what it takes to be with him i will wait

they say every thing great in life never comes easy

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and he is worth it at the end of the day
and i love him so much

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