You’re sitting there watching re-runs on Netflix when all of a sudden you feel these cravings come along. Whether it's salty or sweet we’ve all been there. And you think to yourself WHY?! I’ve been eating LIKE ALL DAY!
There is many reasons why we get these cravings. Hormonal, Vitamin Deficiencies, Stress and So much more. It may be hard to pin point why, but we can do a few things to make these cravings less.

You want to start in the beginning of your day to kick those late night cravings in the butt. Yes! as soon as you get up.

Breakfast: You want to eat a well balanced meal for breakfast. Try something with an egg as the egg stabilizes your blood sugar.

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Eat Regularly: By Regularly, I mean eat every few hours. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. If you’d like snacks in between that's perfect. Make sure you eat at the same times everyday, that way your body knows your eating routine and patterns.

as the same as breakfast make sure you have protein at each meal that way you stabilize your blood sugar.

Here's some great tips to do before they hit.
-Less TV. Watching TV makes you get the snackies! instead (This Brings me to the next step)
-Exercise something relaxing, a Yoga session is perfect. This will also get you relaxed and ready for bed, skipping the cravings all together.

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-Get your Pajamas on. This is all to help get your body into a routine of knowing that it's time to wind down and no more eating!

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-Brush your teeth! this has helped me so much. As soon as I’m done with dinner I brush my teeth and with the minty flavor so fresh and clean, I don’t even want to eat anymore.

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Now this is if all else fails & that’s alright, I promise! It happens to the best of us and No it won’t ruin your diet. Not if you choose WISELY.

Here are my go-to late night snacks. The first one being the one I try first.

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Strawberry Chocolate Tea By the Republic of tea or Any flavored tea of your choice. Something preferably that does not need sweetened and I’ve found that the strawberry chocolate doesn’t need to be.
Frozen Grapes. If I’m craving something sweet or even ice cream this is what i’ll have.
Almonds for that salty kick. plus its a protein
1 square of 70% Dark Chocolate - For my chocolate cravings!
Cherries- I just learned this about a month ago and its amazing but Cherries are one of the few foods that naturally contain melatonin. So Bonus this will help you go to sleep.
If I feel that I really need something more substantial I go for a smoothie or greek yogurt. usually its always Vanilla Greek Yogurt with cherries on top.

I really hope these tips help you ladies out. If you have anymore questions let me know.