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Every girl needs at least one day a week where you pamper yourself! That day for me Is Sunday Night. Sunday night is the only time I get to have some me time because HUBS plays with the kiddo while I relax for the week ahead. This is a must for me right now as I'm big and preggo and I truly need this to help me get in the mindset for the week with running my own business and being a stay at home mommy of one wild and crazy boy!

So if you are in the same shoes as I, PLEASE take that time for yourself and I promise it will help your week seem to go a little more smoothly. I've included a cute check off list that you can download and print off and put next to your bed to remind yourself to do these things.

I start off with putting on my fave Pajamas

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and taking off all of my makeup! Do you know how amazing it feels from a long day to take off your BRA...well this is the same feeling PLUS did you know by keeping your makeup on at night it ages your skin by well....Let's just say ALOT!

I take off all my makeup by using my handy dandy Fooops Remover By SeneGence this amazing liquid gets EVERYTHING off.

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Then I add on one of my favorite mask! Grab any that you have. I use this one because I love the Detox effect it has on my skin.

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I know that it is so hard to log off sometimes but just do it for yourself and plug your devices in for the night to charge and set any alarms you may need to at this time. Give your mind a break from all the social media outlets.

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This is the perfect time to make yourself some night time TEA! any chamomile tea will do. My all time favorite is SleepyTime Extra by Celestial teas. I drizzle in some honey and lemon and I'm good to go. This is such a good routine to get into to help you fall asleep at night! your body will thank you.

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While I'm sipping on my tea this is the time I like to look over my week ahead and see what all I have planned for the week ahead and to remember anything I have forgot. #PreggoBrain lol!

Once I'm done it time to take my Mask off and finish my face wash routine and moisturize using my night pam (It's seriously liquid gold) and you just apply and leave it on for the night.

Then brush them pearly whites and I sleep with my sleep mask on! This helps me get the best night sleep be honest in between brushing my teeth and finally being able to put on my sleep mask I have to put my little man to sleep first. (mommas boy)

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I hope you ladies enjoyed! If so leave me a comment below and share this blog post!