Why do we think about other people's opinion? Why do we put their opinion first? Why did we put the need of others before ours? Why do we care so much?


Why do i think that they are the key to my happiness? Why do i feel so concious about my body and looks? Why do i feel like this? Why? Why am i like this? Why must i care? If i want to be happy, then i should go obtain my happiness! I should go get it. Why do i wait for somebody to tell me that Im pretty and that my looks/ body are perfect for their social standards? Why?

Why must i care? Why must i care about how my tummy looks? How my face glistens with oil in the heat of the sun? How both of my thighs touched one another and the non- existance of a gap between them? And the most important of it all is that why do i think that their happiness is going to be my happiness?Why do i think that they are the reason why Im happy? They are not my source of happiness.

They are just bystanders. The watchers in our lives, The audience in our very own reality show. They could only say things without any consent from it. We on the other hand must be smarter to realize that they are nothing to us. We are the KEY to our own happiness. Screw it all. Be bold. Be YOU.

You cant let other change you. You need to change for the better. For a better you. And its not for others but it is for YOU.