Everyone's is unique. That what great about todays world you can be unique you don't have to be the same. People accept things more. Or we all liked to think that. There are still some that are judgemental and discriminate against others, about what they look like, what they do and what/who they love.

I guess we all want a world where we can be who we want without the hate. But that not realistic. There will always be someone telling you that you are wrong. But it what we do when someone says we are wrong. Do we just stop and believe them that what we are doing wrong. Or do we fight and stand up for what we believe in.

I would love to say I stand up for what I believe in. In most ways I do, I stand up for my beliefs that everyone deserves to love the person they want no matter what. Everyone should not be judge on their skin colour, nationality, their religious beliefs and their gender.

But why can't I stand up for myself, why can't I wear what I want without worrying someone will judge me. Why do stop doing things because other people don't like it. Why do I want to fit in so badly? I mean who really cares if I wear sweats and converses to Uni or wear a dress and boots? Does it really affect their day?

It's ok to be unique and be who we want to be? If you want ice cream for breakfast have it. If you want just fruit and water do it. If you want to stay in your room all day binge out on junk food and watching your favourite tv-show do it. If you want to go to club and dance the night away do it. Don't stop being who you are because it doesn't suit someone else. Life is too short. Too short, to sit around worrying about everyone's else opinions.

Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.