I guess we all know that feeling when you have a tons of shit to get toghther yet you say " i'm gonna do it tomorrow " then you spend your time watching PPL and you wake up the next day hoping that you will finish your work today but you end up watching more PPL and then a week is gone by and you finished the show but you got any work done yet and then the anxiety becomes your best friend ..Anyways im gonna share with you guys some of my favourite tips and hacks to beat procrastination .

1 : Make a to do list : it will help you know what tasks you have to do and which tasks need to be done before
2 : don't stress yourself and get overwhelmed : this won't help better be focused and concentrated
3 : Try the 1.2.3 method : it may seem silly but if you go ahead be determined and count to 3 then jump seriously into work i swear this wll be so good .
4 : stick to a good Schedule : organizing your time will help you enjoying your life more indeed you will finish your work faster and have free time to enjoy yourself
5 : Get the big tasks divised into smaller tasks : if you have a project to get done i advice you to make it into smaller tasks as for instance : i need to search for information then write them down then collab them and that way you will finish your work easily

So that was a bunch of advice i hope you found useful as i do . They may be not new as ideas but i swear by them .
Anyways wish you all the best xoxo