I met this guy a couple of weeks ago and we've hung out maybe three times and each of those times, he's become more and more interesting. For the purpose of privacy, let's call him Austin.

Alright, let's get to it.

1.) TALK

If you haven't already done this, then are you really sure you have a crush on him or you just think he's cute? What made Austin so interesting to me is our conversations in person. If you don't have his number to talk or don't see each other, maybe you know some people he or she is friends with. Hang out with them and tell them to tell him to come along. That worked for me.

- Don't be afraid to speak your mind. Guys love this. It's a sign of confidence and boldness and that's attractive. One day, I was hanging out with me and my crush and our friends and he called this girl "Beautiful" so I thought he was interested in her but here's the funny thing, when we we're all hanging out at my friends house, they didn't talk one bit. Most of the time he was talking to me. Why? Because all the girl did was sit down looking pretty and not engage in any conversation. How can he like you if he knows nothing about you?

In my case, all I did was talk to him. I was genuinely interested in his personality and lifestyle so when he talked about himself, all I did was listen and show interest by asking more about him and just connecting with him. This is good because not only did I get to know about him a little more but he got to know about me too and what I like. Even when my crush sat next to the girl he called beautiful, his eyes were directly on me, telling me about himself and things he finds interesting. Showing interest is a powerful thing and so is that eye contact you make while you're talking. Showing interest is like telling someone you're into the same things so the guy will definitely want to keep talking to you more.

Now, if you have no way of hanging out with your crush, then texting and calling is your next option. There's something really tricky about texting though. When I first texted my crush, he didn't answer my texts. When I called him, he answered right away and we had a good conversation. Now calling might seem a little intimidating but here's my tip. Just for one second, forget you have a crush on him. Think of your crush as just a friend or someone you think is interesting and it'll be much easier to call your crush that way. Hands down calling is the best way to talk and connect with someone. Words on a screen don't have that intimate feeling but they can work as well. Austin and I were texting and he wasn't so good at texting back so we talked on the phone for a whole hour and had one of the best conversations we've ever had.

Not sure what to say to your crush on the phone? Don't gossip, that's a turn off, don't talk about drama, talk about yourselves. Ask them about their day, what they did, what they like, and a good conversation is bound to come out of one of those topics. If you simply run out of things to talk about, then play 21 questions. Don't be afraid to talk to him or her babe, go in confident. Just do it.


This might sound a little daring but if you got the first step down, talking and establishing that connection, then don't be shy to tell him or her how you feel. On the phone with my crush, I told him how I was feeling about him. Before this, earlier in the day he asked me what I was doing and I told him, "tbh telling myself to stop thinking about you" this sparked a conversation about our interest in each other on the phone when he asked me about it. I got to know how he felt about me and he got to know how I felt about him. If he doesn't feel the same way, then that's alright because now you know that you don't have to spend any more time thinking about him and you can move on.

It's a bold thing to tell someone how you feel about them. I was a little nervous texting him that I can't stop thinking about him especially since he took hours to reply back to that text but I wanted to be honest with him and let him know where my head was at so I did it. A good thing came out of this. He told me when I texted him that, all that was going through his mind was "She's thinking about me? Out of every guy she's thinking about me?" and he kept repeating that to himself over and over again. This made me smile. He also told me that the first thing that caught his attention about me was how straight up I was. Being honest really does pay off and I suggest you do it because it shows you're different and guys like different. None of us are the same, we're all different in our unique way and I want you to find someone who appreciates your difference. Dare to be bold. Dare to be you.

Although we had this great conversation about our feelings. He still didn't text me back when I texted him. He didn't contact me that much and that was really a turn off for me. This is why the next step I'm going to tell you could really help.


I know, genius. I believe in Zodiac signs completely because I always relate to my sign and because of that phone call we had, I knew when his birthday was. His sign is Aquarius and I found so much valuable information from this. I learned that Aquarius's can be very stubborn and if they're thinking about you and thinking about texting you or that they like you, they'll keep doing it and do nothing about it. They'll want to text you and not do it. That sucks but it really helped out because it gave me some hope that he's not texting back not because he doesn't like me, but because that's the way he is. I learned more about him without even talking to him and from this you can find out if this person is you're kind of person. Just google "Aquarius zodiac sign" or whatever your crush is. If you don't know his birthday, ask him or his friends. Ask him how old he is, then ask for his birth date to make it less weird. Traits of zodiac signs really hold a lot of power.

I have a huge crush on this guy and all I do is literary think about him. He makes it a little hard since he takes so long to text back but I believe that there's something there and I'm going to keep holding on a little longer. If you believe there's a spark and that it can truly work, don't give up.

I'll probably make a series of articles about the topic of crushes since he's still just my crush so if you're interested in following along and you have a crush on someone, hit that follow button and follow my advice as well and go get you your boo.