I can't believe I finally manage to tell you this.
But I'm over it. After all this time I got over it. I made it, by myself.
I played my own psychologist. I treated myself.

You changed..
Once your eyes were so full of light and ideas. And I really wanted you to share These with me.
But, they're gone.
You lost the biggest part of you. You lost your character. That wonderful and beautiful character.
It's so unfortunate you lost your intelligence.
When you talk it's not the same anymore. You just talk, but there's nothing behind your pretty mouth. You've gone tedious.
You lost your dreams and I couldn't imagine of a bigger loss. Because dreams are what keeps us alive.
Your priorities changed, not for the good. You know I'm right.
Once I thought you were the most amazing Boy ever.
But you're not desirable anymore. Not for me.
You turned into a Person I barely even know.
Without empathy and maybe even without the ability to love someone.

I don't love you anymore.
Yeah I guess I'm not competely over you but I regret the loss of the Person you WERE and not the one you're NOW.
So... no I really don't love you.