Hi guys! I haven't written for a long time (fell in love with new TV series) so today I wanted to share with you some unique date ideas cause c'mon...we all got tired from the cinema! Doesn't matter if you're boy or girl, we both can organize dates.

1. Ice/roller skating

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2. Luna park

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3. Ride bikes

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4. Zoo

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5. Exploring abandoned places

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6. Picnic

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7. Mini golf

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8. Concert

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9. Photoshoot

Image by ŇẸŘϋÃŇ couple, love, and photography image couple, love, and beach image Image by Iza Rodrigues

10. Baking/cooking

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11. Camping

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12. Beach

pizza, beach, and food image beach, summer, and girl image couple, boy, and tumblr image love, couple, and beach image

13. Hiking

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14. Museum

love, kiss, and art image art, museum, and painting image

15. Game Center

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16. Festival

ashley benson, tyler blackburn, and couple image party, colors, and pink image

17. Drive-in cinema

love, couple, and car image bed, converse, and drive image

18. Bonfire

fire, night, and nature image beach, fire, and summer image

19. Indoor tent and movies

light, room, and home image fire, home, and winter image

20. Swimming

couple, goals, and pool image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

21. Boating

boat, lake, and nature image dress image date image love, couple, and date image

22. Walks

rain, autumn, and city image love, couple, and grunge image autumn, casual, and cities image Temporarily removed

23. Driving around and talk

adventure, boy, and car image boyfriend, boys, and cars image

24. Laser tag,trampoline,paintball,carting etc

date, laser tag, and paintball image

25. Skate/penny boarding

love, couple, and boy image love, couple, and grunge image

26. Fancy dinner

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27. Rooftop date

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28. Bowling

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29.Try new restaurants

Temporarily removed travel, italy, and restaurant image cafe, light, and night image coffee, city, and photography image

30. Aqua park

black sea, place, and romania image girl, kiss, and sexi image

So these are my dream dates. Hope you liked it. You can also send me a message if you have anything you would like to see written by me. You can follow me on Instagram, the link is down bellow. And also, if you want you can check my previous articles (the link for my articles collection is down bellow as well)! Thanks for reading! ♡

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