The past week has been a good one to me. I organised bits and pieces both in and out of my life. I put things in perspective and made time to hear myself out. I would recommend 10/10!
But something that really stood out for me were compliments.
They really do make your mood peak and maybe even give assurance on something you might have felt really cautious of. For me, they boost up my mood instantly and I find myself thinking about them and about that particular situation later on. Compliments are good to have incase of a gloomy day that will inevitably come your way at some point. And they don't even have to be big confessions like ' you are the most amazing person ever that has existed. ' ( because honestly that sounds a bit absurd... ) Small things like ' I really like the skirt you're wearing ' sounds a bit more personal because they've actually took the time to observe and mention it out loud. In my culture giving compliments or receiving them to either your friends not even talking about strangers is generally not that common. That is probably why I get so startled whenever I get a compliment or vice versa, give one .
But, I believe compliments are a two way lane. You must give them in order to get them. ( Unless of course you are Sharpay Evans ;) Sometimes saying compliments to others might be as enlightening as getting one. Seeing that you may have made someones day, feels somehow rejuvenating.
I have this bad habit of just thinking ' That girl has really cool shoes or that boy is so good at singing'. It never really makes it to their ears though... Oops? Room for improvement? Yes.
On the side note, do not be afraid to welcome them. Do not build up your walls so high that the compliment bounces back like Big Sean's song. It has been a "struggle" and a talent that I did not always use to have. Some lucky people get it naturally, but me? I just couldn't believe them. At first though. Like most talents and skills, once trained hard enough you can succeed. Trust me.

But as I speak about compliments I want to point out that I am talking about the genuine ones. The ones that are made with warmth and heat you up inside. Fake snarky ones are a whole topic on their own. I'd rather just flush them down the drain. No one likes them. ( But then of course, you do you )
And also like other things in life, balance is key. It would just be weird having every other person telling how cool you look today. Not at least for a longer period of time.

So just to fit all of this into one sentence; Compliments are important and we all ( me included ) need to make sure that they don't die and become extinct like the dinosaurs.

Yours Truly,