I work in a people industry. Way more pleasant than my previous occupations. Pre work training emphasises, empathy not sympathy, appropriate adult communication, keep your personal life confidential, no romantic interactions, keep clients and workers personal information confidential. Once engaged in the field you find that workers are the main activity in these clients lives. Clients begin with the organisation (our employer) stating 'I don't believe in any of their rules' hoping you will agree and be open to ideas which better suit them. They then talk non stop until the worker can't think straight. Then throw in some interesting gossip about themselves/other workers, and continue talking non stop. When the worker can finally offer some feedback he/she is telling the client his/her life story. Once the client has personal information he/she will engage the worker at that level, unless it doesn't suit them. Then suddenly it's all business. A client can be like a close friend. However if the worker makes a mistake recording hours or is late arriving. Surprise, surprise the client is suddenly in touch with, and pro the employer (the exact opposite to what they have been saying since day one) Naturally this is the more extreme situation. I hope this helps you to keep focused