i don't want to be stuck in a routine where i do the same boring things everyday. i don't want to travel when work will allow me to. i don't want to go on vacation and then feel nostalgic because i'll have to go back to work and because i don't know when is the next time i'll have the chance to go on vacation.
i want my work to be my passion. i want my work to allow me to travel often, to escape, to feel like it's vacation. i want my work to make me see the world. i want every day to be different so i'll learn new things every day. i want to get inspired by every places i'll go. i want to jump in a plane to go somewhere because i took the decision 10 minutes ago. i want the places i'll go to remind me that we are only dust on this earth. that the whole world and the whole universe are endless. we are nothing faced to the ocean or to the stars above us. i want to feel free when the wind will get through my hair. i want to feel totally peaceful while watching a sunset. i want to go on top of a cliff and feel like i'm the only one on this planet. i want to see the world.

i want to find my better half and know what true love is. i want to know what it feels like to be truly loved by who you are. i want someone to love my flaws like my qualities. i want to go on adventures with my love and to wake up every mornings next to him. i want this kind of love that makes you feel passionate and that consumes you.
i just want to feel grateful, happy, loved, passionate, lucky, successful, ambitious every time the sun will rise.