I've been wanting to get this out for awhile just dont know who to say it to. I knew this girl in middle school who constantly was bullied and I dont go to her school anymore but I never got why they did. She is autistic so she walked a little weird and shook her hands a lot or when you talked to her she would whisper back what she just said. But she was a really sweet girl. She always would stay back and help the teacher and give you compliments too. I was pretty alone in 7th grade I only got to see my friends like one day a week at church on Wednesdays because they all went to different schools and I had none of my friends in 6th grade in class. I was just alone and this girl always would talk to me and we friends sort of but I wanted kind of ignored her sometimes and I would say we arent friends so that the other kids would like me which was dumb. But when I look back at it I wish I wouldn't have. I really hate society sometimes actually most of the time. This girl was bullied for the way she walked and acted. But that wasn't her fault. when the kids with disabilities are getting made fun of. Stand up for them. Today in this society you are judged on what you wear, how you act, who you hang out with, what music you listen too and how you look. If you have scars, you get bullied, if you don't have a "perfect nose" or "perfect body" you get torn down for it. People that have these things said to them, some of them take their own lives and no matter how many people die we still continue to bully people. So how many suicides will it take for people t realized what they say matters. A stupid meaningless insult you throw at someone, you might think it didn't mean anything bu that person could be hurting and crying because of that insult. This girl that I mentioned I hear she still gets bullied still even 3 years later. For the dumbest reasons. Bullying why do we do it?