Hi there! So this is a little stuff for people that want to know me a little deeper than just through pictures I heart. This way, maybe you will see me differently than just a girl that heart pictures on the other side of the world ;) I like to read these kinds of things about others on WHI, so if you do too, just keep on reading!
I decided to do it as a Q&A, because I find it funnier and easier to read.

- Name?
It is actually Nikita

- Where are you from?
I'm from France, more precisely near Geneva lake (French is my mother tongue, sorry for any mistake in this article)

- How old are you?
I'm 19

- Zodiac sign?
I'm a Taurus mwahaha

- Hair color?
I dyed it in red a year ago, so it's still like a little redish/awkwardly ginger, but originaly it is like dark blond

- Eye color?
They are light blue-green, depending ont the lightning and what I am wearing (yeah, my clothes change the way people percieve it)

- Do you have a girl/boyfriend?
A boyfriend for more than a year now.

- Do you wear glasses/contacts?
I wear contacts most of the time, and when I don't I wear glasses, because I'm a fucking bat and I can't see without them

- Favorite movies?
I'm a big big fan of psychological movies, thrillers, fantasy movies and Tarantino movies. I also love cartoons. So one of my all time favorite movie is Shutter Island, I love also Into the Wild, Sucker Punch, Mulan and Spirit. I love cinema, so it's really hard to choose one movie.

- Favorite TV Show?
I just love so much Game of Thrones. This is my favorite. But I also like Walking Dead and American Horror Story.

- Favorite book?
Same as movies, so many. But I would say The Mortal Instruments that I loved so much at the time.

- The nearest book to you right now?
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

- Favorite band or singer?
There are soooo many. I love music, I can't live without it. My favorite band of all time used to be 30 Seconds to Mars years ago. At the moment, it's London Grammar.
As a singer, I would say Phil Collins. But at the moment, it's Georgio, a french rapper.

- What are you listening right now?
Miracle by The Score

- Hobbies?
I love drawing since I'm a little child, and I never stopped. Since I’m 12, writing has also been a big part of my life and vital for me. I enjoy reading and going in nature for little strolls or hiking.

- Outgoing or shy?
I would say I'm out-going, I'm not afraid of talking to people I don’t know and I do it easily. But it happens that I'm shy for no or stupid reasons

- Tattoos or piecing/want a tattoo or piercing?
I have three earrings and a helix on my left ear, just one earring and an anti-helix on the right one. I'm going to have my rook pierced soon. I still have no tattoo, but definitely want one on my back, that I'm working on currently.

- Are you friend with the people you were friends with two years ago?
With most of them. I'm still friends with the ones that I cared the most.

- Obsession?
I'm obsessed with music and discovering new music of all styles. I'm really creepy on this.

- Favorite actor/actress?
Leonardo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp. Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence. Not original, sorry.

- Do you want to get married?
Not really. It's useful for administrative stuffs. But only. I would rather have like a symbolic union with the man I love, no church, no papers. Just symbolic engagement, and I like the idea of the ring, so maybe rings to leave a trace.

- Dream job?
Writer and psychologist (I will manage to be at least psychologist)

- Have you ever been drunk?
Yeeees, not really nice to see but really funny

- Have you ever been in love?

- What do you love the most in the world?
Just the world's beauty. Landscapes, so different from one place to another.
And art in general.

- Something you miss?
Living with friends as I did in boarding school, and discover another country as I did this summer (Scotland)

- Where would you like to live?
New-Zealand is my biggest dream, but if not, I would like to live near nature, not in a big city, in an amazing country (but all countries are amazing eheh)

- Where would you like to travel?
EVERYWHERE! As much as I can. I'm allergic to peanuts, and there is countries in the world that use peanut oil eveyrwhere, so I can't go eveywhere if I want to stay alive, sadly

- What inspires you?
People, music, stories, nature, pictures. I can actually be inspired by anything

- Biggest dream?
Travel as much as I can, being a writer and publishing the book I'm trying to write right now and for seven years. Just living an inspiring life for me

- Biggest fear?
Living a boring life, never reaching my dreams, being stuck in this dream of seeing the world and living a life full of happiness and discovering; but never have the courage to go and live it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If any of you have any question they want to ask me, or anything, feel free to send me a postcard or stuff like that. I would love to talk with you :)