- What's your favorite color?
- Which color best describes your mood right now?
- A word that describes your personality?

Color Key:
blue - a very sensitive person, feelings can easily be hurt, & cares way too much.
red - loves almost everyone, feels the need to help when it's not needed, & loyal.
black - a very dark person, very secretive, & doesn't communicate much.
lavender - loving, caring, & respectful.
gray - a very dull person, not very social, & has only a few friends.
yellow - loves to make people happy, a very social person, & smiles a lot.
green - brings joy, always in a cheerful mood, & cares about others.
orange - loves fall, lives for Halloween, & has a good soul.
burgundy - mad all the time, compulsive liar, & disrespectful.
purple - artistic, creative, & hard-working.
brown - anti-social, doesn't interact with the environment, & feels judged most of the time.
white - responsible, honest, & has no sense of humor.
pink - hilarious, well known, & very social.