For so long I felt so lonely. I was sure that no one would ever love me.
Up until this moment no one had ever loved me. Everyone around me had people who crushed on them or who were in happy relationships but i couldn't seem to find someone. I didn't think anyone would ever want me with all my scars. Then i met him. he taught me that loving someone isn't easy. In reality relationships are hard. The constant worry of 'do they still love me?' or 'are they cheating on me?' is torture but loving him has made me feel alive. My first love and i couldn't imagine anyone better. He doesn't care about my scars or the fact that i'm not the skinniest person in the world. He doesn't care what i look like without make up. He comforts me when i feel insecure about myself. He comforts me when i worry about him leaving me because i don't feel good enough for him. He reminds me everyday that I am enough. He will always be enough for me. Always.