Hi guys, today I just wanted to do a TMI tag because I wanted to share some stuff about myself with you. Enjoy ! ;)

what are you wearing?

An Asos sweater and a H&M skinny jean.

have you ever been in love?

Nope, never.

have you ever had a terrible break up?

Never as well.

how tall are you?


how much do you weigh?


any tattoos/ piercings?

No, but maybe one day, I don't know yet.

what is your favorite show?

I love watching Prison Break.

who are your favorite bands?

There are so many ! if you want to know, check my last articles ;) (http://weheartit.com/articles/296757630-30-days-songs-challenge)

something you miss?

I miss high school, I've got some of my best memories there and I met wonderful friends thanks to High school.

favorite song?

If I had to choose one I would say "Run Boy Run" by Woodkid because I saw him live with m father at a festival and it was amazing.

how old are you?

I'm 19.

zodiac sign?

I'm a Leo ( ROAR ! )

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quality you look for in a partner?

The thing that matters the most to me in any relationship is respect.

what is your favorite quote?

"Je suis jeune, il est vrai, mais aux âmes bien nées,
La valeur n'attend point le nombre des années."

(" I am young, it is true;
but in souls nobly born valor does not depend upon age")

from "Le Cid" by Corneille which is a French tragicomedy.

who is your favorite actor?

Maybe Bradley Cooper...

favorite color?

Yellow !

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loud music or soft?

Loud to cover the noise in the bus.

where do you go when you’re sad?

I'm not often sad but mostly in my bed under my blanket.

how long does it take you to shower?

About 20 minutes (I've got long hair don't judge me).

how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

About 1 hour to eat my breakfast, wash and dress myself and put some make up on.

have you ever been in a physical fight?

Nope, I'm a peaceful person.

turn on’s?


the reason I joined WHI?

Because I love photography and I wanted to share my drawings somewhere.

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what are your fears?

I'm afraid of the seas/oceans, spiders and failure.

last thing that made you cry?

Anxiety attack because of the sea.

meaning behind your WHI name?

That's just my name without the last syllabe.

last book you read?

"The darkest minds" by Alexandra Bracken.

the book you’re currently reading?

The diary of Anne Frank.

last show you watched?

"Suicid squad" and that wasn't as bad as I expected, ahah.

last person you talked to?

Some friends on a facebook group conversation.

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what is your favorite food?

My mom's Tiramisu, which is the best in the world.

place you want to visit?

I'd love to visit Sweden and Canada.

last place you were?

I went to Amsterdam during a week with a friend of mine.

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favorite flavor of sweet?

Salted butter caramel. In France there is a Region called "Bretagne" (Britain) where we can find the best caramels and this is delicious.

what instruments do you play?

I played the ukulele.

favorite piece of jewelry?

I almost never wear jewels but maybe necklace.

last sport you played?

Volleyball yesterday, I pratice it for years 3 times a week and I couldn't live without playing anymore.

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last song you sang?

"Ain't no sunshine" by Bill Withers (it's actually stucks in my head for hours !).

I hope you liked my article, that was quite interresting to write.
Kisses !