in honor of my sister moving out for university (she will be missed... somewhat) I'm moving into her room. I don't even know if it's bigger or better, but I need this change in my living space.

I'm thinking bedspace:

bed, casual, and classy image sky, sunset, and window image bed, blonde, and buildings image bed, view, and window image
something close-packed, light and close to the window

and mirrors for my narcissistic ass

Image by Private User aesthetic, photography, and rooms image

also highly relevant:


amazing, beautiful, and fashion image girl, grunge, and tumblr image book, plants, and decor image bed, room, and tumblr image
succulents, cacti and fake plants 'cause i can't save the earth for shit

i love books so need me some shelves

book and bookshelf image cool, creative, and idea image

and of course also something comfortable to read in

book, coffee, and reading image home, pink, and room image bag, green, and home image beauty, cool, and white image
something comfortably classy vintage

a clean, minimalist work space

room, home, and decor image study, school, and inspiration image


80's, berlin, and social justice image aliens, conspiracy, and I want to believe image black panthers, empowerment, and justice image bjork and music image
prints on the wall in black frames
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great storage


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seriously look at this aesthetic shit