Hello beautiful people,it's 1:15 am right now and i'm sad.I'm listening sad songs and thoughts about life,about every mistake and sad moments,but also thinking about happy moments too and it's so messy in my head right now!I don't know how to explains how i'm feeling right now.I thought to write because that's the best way to express myself.I have no idea if anyone's gonna be interested,but to be honest with you,I'm just gonna upload my thoughts.
The thing is in this days the people are different,our world is different and i don't like this world!Everything is false:friendships,love,feelings everything is so fucking false!I think I don't belong here, not in this world.But don't get me wrong i have a beautiful life.I have a family,lovely friends,home under my head,but i wish the people in this world are better!I wish there us no suffer,no pain but the truth is different.Unfortunately every one of us is suffering from different reasons.That's life..

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