I will write this to express myself who is not much good at doing so but might as well give it a try and share them.
Do you have your goals and big dreams? First things first, we all have one right? I don't believe what others do say and think that those who are staying home and don't do anything at the moment don't have dreams. What do they even know? The thing is we don't know where to start. We don't have such vivid plans to take step by step. We experience confusions of what we really wanted to do and get stuck in between with what others feel like we have to do.Leading to make decisions that are not well that are distractions towards the future we are destined to.Much like mistakes as what they call, but definitely the plot twist for our grand destinations. As we all know, people always have something to say. They made a statement or express themselves through words of mouth which might even discourage the person and belittle one's capability. For someone who believes in the magic of their dreams, we may be blind to the beauty of the battles or struggles but not deaf to pay attention to the reactions through there words on our small efforts. We wanted to be recognized for such because in this we give something of ourselves even if it may be small. I believe we all have different paths and we couldn't just generalize things because everything happens at the right time, at the right place in God's perfect timing. By the time we show or express ourselves, not everybody might understand us or know for whom and why do we decide or make such decisions in life. We think that in every situation that we make decisions we will be like I don't want to regret such when the time comes. And everybody feels that way right? But I think we shouldn't make ourselves prisoners of such past. And there is always inside of us which seems to burst and that feeling burning inside that "somewhere out there" and at a certain time "I will be there" mentality. I hope everybody recognizes a persons courage of deciding one's goal or dream might as well doing what they love to do. I hope they could find happiness within them or be happy for those who are . Yes we only live once and you can't just live it by wanting other people to do what you want them to do. Your expectations of them won't make your life extraordinary, YOU LIVE ONE ON YOUR OWN AND FOCUS ON YOUR OWN JOURNEY. Don't make such a standard that you have to impose to everyone like a price not everyone is willing to buy because it will just be a disappointment to you. We all have reasons and if we are to question such to everyone and criticize them and be like we know what is right more than they do it will lead to spending our whole life doing so. We have to trust them and give them the benefit of the doubt and leave it to life to let them experience the learning they had to take. Let us make those reasons the Wonders of our Grand Destinations. Make them a footstep towards the beauty that life has full of surprises to offer. And let us be DRIVEN by our faith and believe everything is already set that we are about to achieve our desires. AS WE STRIVE TOWARDS THE DREAMS, BE GRATEFUL TO LIVE;GOD'S GIFT, THE JOURNEY OF LIFE.