This is a new start, a new entry, my very first article.


Ever since I saw the option to write articles I immediately became inspired.
To be honest, I had given up on WeHeartIt but not because it was boring or anything but because it lacked something (and I used to have some technical issues with the app which made me even more irritable when it came to WHI).
That said, I decided to come back, and this time it's for good.


The topics I would be covering would be about....

travel, love, and life image

and also about

Temporarily removed

makes me feel like I want to share with the world, and believe me, it's a lot. Throughout the years I've kept a lot to myself and whenever I opened to someone I never felt relieved to the extend that everything is gone ( I blame that all on my depression).
From what I've just written makes me think that you won't be able to fully understand what exactly I would be covering so I decided to show you in the most wehartit possible way because after all this is what makes us a community:

Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, pink, and clothes image Image removed Temporarily removed nails, nail art, and black image tattoo image anime, anime girl, and kawaii image aesthetic, hair, and korean image dance, fire, and hairstyle image

and of course:

and this is just the beginnging.

my other articles:

Stay true,