There is that one boy. We know each other for about three months. We did a lot during the summer, like swimming and tv evenings and lots of other normal stuff. But we weren't totally alone, there were also his friend and one of mine. In the beginning I did not like him very much. But then since that one day when he said that ironic joke I liked him:

< He: "What`s your favorite music genre?"
< I: "I dont have a certain music genre, I am listening to everything what I like apart from folk music."
< He: /laughs / "Aah, you like classic?!" (<- his ironic joke)
< I: /laugh/

I don't know if he likes me and I am too shy to ask him or give him a hint that he can get it by himself. He is very athletic and plays in a sports club so he doesn't have much time for his friends and maybe a girlfriend. He said once that he wants to concentrate upon the school and his sports career. After about one month he give me the feeling that he is interested in me and smiled a lot at me. For like two weeks he is strange, he ignores me and doesn't speak to me anymore and I don't know why, I did nothing (I can not remember that I did something wrong). He is very sporty and has his favorite bands and speaks a lot of his sport and his music. He is also sarcastic and likes jokes and do silly things like me. I am not so extremely sporty like him, I like looking tv series and argue about them and I am listening to several kinds of music and not only one or two.

I think that he isn't interested anymore to know more about me. I am interested and curious why he changed his opinion about me. But that would be a secret. And now I do not see him anymore. I am sad about that. I didn't laugh so much like in this three months. He gave me the feeling that I can be myself.

My english is not the best but I hope you are able to understand it. If someone has a good advice, let me know about.
Have a great day :)