Hello my little lovely licornes ~

It´s been already a few weeks since I posted an article about a korean cosmetic product, am I right? So it´s time to do that now and post something new, but also something connected with a korean beauty. I have so many sheet masks at home but I would like to do a separate post about all of them. That´s why I decided to show you Holika Holika DoDo Cat Dust Out 3 in 1 Trans-foam Clenaser today. I´ve been so excited about it! There are three ways how to use it - isn´t it just awesome?


As I mentioned above, you can use it three different ways! You can use it like an everyday cleansing foam, spread it on a skin lightly and then rinse it with a lukewarm water. Then it can be used as a deep cleansing mask, which you spread on the skin in a thicker layer and you leave it there for two to three minutes. In the end, you can use it like a mild peeling too by massaging your skin lightly and then rinsing it with a lukewarm water.

Product´s description

Product´s packaging is so much adorable - it´s composed of a few little illustrations - cat one, rubber duckie one, bubbles one and a bottle one, which probably resembles this cleansing foam. 120g packaging will last for about two and more months if you use it daily, in the small amounts. Even I referred to it a few times by using a word "foam", it has a bit thicker consistency which is a light grey colour. It also contains the tiny peeling granules. Its scent reminds me something between a floral and a herbal one. After spreading on the skin you have to do a cleansing quickly because it dries very fast.

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