I'm currently WAY too pumped for Halloween, so here is a playlist for the best night of the year!

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1. I Put A Spell On You → Screamin' Jay Hawkins
2. Bat Out Of Hell → Meat Loaf
3. This Is Halloween → The Citizens of Halloween
4. Feed My Frankenstein → Alice Cooper
5. The Adams Family → The Headliners
6. Thriller → Michael Jackson
7. Monster Mash → Bobby 'Boris' Pickett
8. The Number Of The Beast → Iron Maiden
9. Tiptoe Through The Tulips → Tiny Tim
10. People Are Strange → The Doors
11. Freddy's Coming For You → Steve Jablonsky
12. Hungry Like the Wolf → Duran Duran
13. Ghostbusters → Ray Parker Jr.
14. Time Warp → Little Neil, Patricia Quinn and Richard O'Brien
15. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) → David Bowie
16. Tainted Love → Marilyn Manson
17. Somebody's Watching Me → Rockwell
18. Howlin For You → The Black Keys
19. Superstition → Stevie Wonder
20. Back In Black → AC/DC

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❝Cue creepy muder music. I knew it was missing something.❞ - mtv scream.