I look in the mirror.
Balck ink trickles from my eyes,
It's leaking from me.
I can't contain it anymore.

My mind is empty.
My feet carry me like they know what they're doing,
I'm in the park.
I look in the pond of water and dip the tip of my finger in.
The water ripples away from me.
Like it knows what's inside me.

I imagine there's black coming out of my finger.
An ink spilling from under my finger nails.
Everything inside me pours into the water.
I leave my finger there until I'm empty.
The venom of my thoughts clouds the water.
All the black is gone from me.

I look at the water.
The black polluted the water.
The fountain rusted.
The fish dead on top.
The sky is grey.
The liveliness is gone.
I blink.
It's back to normal.

Sometimes you need to let it out.