@TypicalGirl48 has set up a 30 day challenge where you have to answer one question each day for 30 days to let your followers know a bit more about yourself. I will try to post one article every day but maybe I will have to skip a few days due to school stress. You can find the original challenge here:
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Day one

List 20 random facts about yourself

1. Sushi is my favorite food and I love it so much haha I could eat it all day (which I actually did a few months ago lol)
2. I teached myself how to play the piano and play for about 5 years now
3. I also started to teach myself how to play the ukulele one year ago
4. I have three younger siblings
5. My bed literally takes up about 2/5 of my room space
6. I love music
7. My favorite bands are Imagine Dragons and twenty one pilots
8. I'm in 11th grade in the german school type "Gymnasium" right now
9. I support and respect the LGBTQ+ community
10. Light green is my favorite color
11. My native language is German but I also speak English on Level B2, French on A2-B1 and a bit of Spanish
12. I love to keep my notes in school organized and pretty
13. My dream is to study psychology one day
14. I love photography
15. My family is really important to me
16. I love concerts
17. I am 162cm tall
18. I made my profile icon by myself about a year ago and now use it on almost all of my social media accounts
19. When meeting people in real life that I know from the internet, they often pronounce my name as "Annie" even though I prefer "Ahh-knee"
20. I like making people happy and am a very forgiving person, which is not that good sometimes, for example when someone really hurt me but I forgive them even though I should me mad at them and then they hurt me again at some point

So yeah, that's it for today! I hope you will enjoy my articles and maybe join the challenge too! :)