Hair may be dead, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't care for it. You should wash it regularly. Actually, what you really need to be sure to wash is your scalp. The best way to get your hair and scalp clean is to:

1. Get it really wet.
2. Use a small amount of shampoo. A squirt about the size of a quarter is enough.
3. Massage the shampoo into your scalp. Don't scrub the scalp too hard.
4. Rinse really well, until you don't see any more bubbles or suds on your head or going down the drain.
5. Gently dry your hair with a towel.
6. Comb it out carefully with a wide-tooth comb, especially if it's curly. Don't yank or tug on it, because that can break the hair or pull it out.
7. Let your hair air dry whenever you can. Hair dryers can be tough on hair.