Colours. We see them every day, everywhere around us. If we look up the word "colours" in the urban dictionary we will find the definition which reads "the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light."
But colours are far more from that. Colours can make us feel. Just by looking at them we can feel sadness, inspiration, calmness, happiness, depression and even wonder (e.x when we look at pictures of space and nebula).

So what i did today, is i went online and searched and found the meaning of each colour and what they express.

- Red: this colour can express both good and bad. It is the colour of blood and danger but it is also the colour of desire and love. Red can raise blood pressure as well as increase the human metabolism. And it has very high visibility, that is why most signs on the road are red.

- Blue: this colour is pretty ineresting because it shows stability. It expresses trust, loyalty, faith, truth and of course the sky and the sea. This colour is the opposite of red. It slows human metabolism and produces calmness. Blue expresses cleanliness which is why most cleaning products have a blue colour.

- Green: green conveys harmony, growth, freshness and safety. This is the colour of nature - and is also my favourite colour -. Green can improve vision because it rests the eye. Coming back to the word "safety", this is the reason why the green lights are green. They mean safety.

- Yellow: this colour is the colour of warmth, energy, joy and happiness. Yellow stimulates mental activity and is clearly visible from far away and this is why taxis/cabs are yellow, plus, all the warn signs are usually yellow because compared to other colours such as black, white, purple, this colour pops out more.

Last but not least
- Black: black mosly expresses evil and mystery, but it can also show formality. Black can be used to make people or other colours stand out more in a room (like when the background is black, whatever is a different colour will be more clear and visible). This colour is the colour of depth, perspective and also grief.

these are a few of the colours and their meanings, I would love to write about all the colours but the article will be way too long and also a bit boring. If you enjoyed this article, give it a heart. Hopefully you found this interesting to learn and hopefully you will come back for more of my upcoming articles! :)

(By the way, if you have any suggestions or article ideas you want me to write about, don't be afraid write a comment or postcard)