Do you know those days that you just feel shitty and want to remove yourself from everyone without a reason? Maybe it is a sign of your upcoming period or maybe it is just because too many bad things happen to you. You can even lock yourself into the bedroom crying and trying every possible way to stop yourself from being sad. That is what I am feeling right now. But I believe it's gonna be okay. It is fine to let your raw emotions out and go back to normal even though you will have to fake a smile for people who care. For me sometimes I cannot trust humans enough to reveal my true feelings and thoughts. Maybe I can fix it when I find the right persons or I will keep writing them out like this. Whichever way you do, as long as you are true to yourself and not afraid to be weak, you can get through this. Of course, there will be happy days as well. So shout out to all people who are feeling peachy and knowing that they are not alone.

kisses and hugs,