Once upon a time there was a girl
with amber eyes and auburn hair,
with darkened skin
that lived in a village deep in the mountains.

It was beautiful, pleasant even, for the people there to inhabit
with never-ending forests, wild animals, and pretty flowers,
who needed the outside?
there was no escape from there, they said.

For all her life, at age 17, she knew that it was all a lie
haunting her like a nightmare dressed as a daydream
there was no way out of there, they said.

was it the truth though?

Once upon a time there was a girl
with eyes deep as the night sky
with skin as pale as the snow
who knew the auburn girl and wanted to run with her

because she knew there was more, not only this
she was scared
scared for herself, for the unknown, for the danger
and for the auburn girl, known as Autumn.

And as one night the people of the village were drawn to sleep
Autumn was awake and ready
ready to take Winter, the pale girl, and flee
because there was more than just this
there was more than a village
there was more outside
and she wanted to be part of it
to glimpse it
to be a part of something real,

but little did she know that even the people you knew
since you were born
since you were able to see, walk, talk,
can stab you like a stranger.

Why was Winter scared so much,
so much to tell the villagers their plan
to wake them
to keep them inside, forever?

She lost not only her trust, but a dear friend,
and she knew it,
she knew what will happen,
and still,
she would risk it, everything, to keep her safe.

Even if it meant losing her.