My last article has over 200 hearts what??? UMM THANK YOUUU?
I'm a little creaped out how many people actually care and incredibly happy that you like them!
I'd like to warn you that this part of my story starts out innocent but it gets to a point where I wouldn't recommend reading if you're under the age of 16.
Also for my safety I have changed peoples names in this story.
So I was 13 when I was hanging out with my then best friend (not the one from my last story) and I'll call her Lana. Me and Lana had just started hanging out that summer and became best friends pretty quickly. One day we were hanging out in front of Lanas house when a cute guy with a little boy came there as well. You could tell that they were brothers from how the guy took care of the little one.
A few days went by and we found out that the cute guy had just moved right next door to Lana and that his name was Patrick.
I'll give you a little description of what he looked like. He was tall, had sweet brown eyes, brown hair which wasn't that long but just long enough to be hiding behind his bangs and a cute smile. He was a little shy but he was kind and caring towards his little brother Simon.
Anyway me and Lana took him and his friend Ronald into our friend group and we all hung out for the rest of the summer.
In around August was the time that I really started to like him and I think he started to like me as well. So we started hanging out just the 2 of us. Making jokes, walking around and just talking about everything and anything.
One night we were just walking around in my neighborhood when Patrick stopped me to sit down and show me the stars. We stared at them for a while and I decided to stand up because it was cold on the ground. I leaned on the wall of the house, he stood up as well. He put his arms on each side of me on the wall so we were standing face to face. He tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear and then he kissed me. Gently yet passionately. It was my very first kiss and it felt amazing. After the first kiss was over he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I kissed him again and asked him if that answered his question. He laughed his adorable little laugh and kissed me again.
As the summer was ending we kept hanging out just the two of us just going places, talking and kissing... But it is now September which meant that school started. We still hung out every chance we got but it was a little more complicated now.

We were again out one night, at the same spot where we first had kissed. Patrick took my hand in his and asked me if he could kiss me there again as it was such a special place for us. I said I would love it. So we stood there and he kissed me just like the first time. He continued kissing me while slowly letting his hands roam over my body, he started kissing my neck and I let out a small moan. He started unzipping my jacket and kissing my shoulders but at the same time holding me to make sure I wouldn't get cold.
Now this part is a little fuzzy in my memory but the next thing I remember is that I was on the ground, on my knees and he was basically making me give him a blowjob. I couldn't really grasp what I was doing until it was over and I felt so embarrassed because we were out in public and I felt used and worthless so as soon as he ''finished'' I just got up and walked away with tears in my eyes because of how humiliated I felt.
A few days passed by and we talked about it, he told me that he was sorry and he regretted it and I believed him. I loved him but we didn't stay together after it. It just wasn't gonna work out and we both knew it. We are still friends today, we have forgiven and forgotten about the whole bullshit and put it behind us.

It was my longest article yet, if you made it to the end then you're a true trooper!
Next time I will tell you about another boy who I fell for and how I got my heart ripped out for the first time.

In the mean time, keep breathing.
Moonchild out