Travel. I tell you, please travel as long as you can, maybe as far as you could. Its worth it, its beautiful and it clears your soul. For me it´s always been the mountains. The Hills, the trees, the monumental peaks and maybe the snow too. But the view. The view is unbelievable beautiful, breathtaking.

You feel the freedom in your bones, you will feel more than freedom. Peace. Thats the point when you realize, that god has build all this wonderful things. No other could´ve. The clouds in the mountains, the fresh air, the rays of evening sun, that let your hair shimmer like gold.

Thats the beauty i love. Thats the beauty of nature, of the mountains. This peace, this quietness. So i tell you travel. See als much of this beauty as you can. Climb, hike, walk to these crazy destinations, it will be worth it.

And what would be live without travelling? The world is a book. And this book has more than just one page.