Day of the Dead is my favorite day, I love this day more than I love my birthday (I also love my birthday because only the Princess was born in April).We honor our family who have passed away, we go to the cemetery with candles, flowers, crowns made of flowers and cookies and we share memories in their honor.
The one day of the year designed to all the dead.I love this day since I was little and I went with my grandmother to the cemetery to honor the family that is no longer with us.Always dress me in a red towel and a white shirt and hold my hand and light candles.We made cakes with apples and pumpkin and we went to the market to buy flower wreaths and in the evening we go to the graveyard.Always the cemetery was full of people who coming for this special day.This year I go alone to the day of the dead because my grandmother died but I'm not feeling sad now because this day keeps her memory alive.Without her it will not be the same but because she is no longer with me I love this day more because she sees me and is proud of me that I keep this tradition.In that day I will miss her presence but being a day of the dead I will do everything in her memory.On 1 November it's time to celebrate the Day of the Dead.This is the day I expect all year.