Hey lovelies I wanted to share my everyday makeup routine with you all because I'm beyond obsessed with makeup and I love reading these. Since we're heading into fall this whole routine is bound to change in a week or two but I love this look so I wanted to share.

*Eye Primer: Elizabeth Mott "Thank Me Later" or if I want more of a shimmery base I'll use my Seraphine Biotanicals Luminude highlighter (it's a water based highlighter so it's very thin and light)

I will apply my Color City eyeshadow trio in the shade "Falling Leaves" and I will take the nude, matte pink shade.

I will then take my MANNAKADAR Beauty blush in the shade "Paradise" and apply that over top of the first shade

I will lastly go back to the Color City trio and use the lightest sparkly shade and apply it to my inner corners

1.For mascara I will use two coats of my Revlon Ultimate All in One mascara

2. Then I will go in with one coat of my Two Faced Better Than Sex mascara

**Eyebrows: For my brows what I do is after applying the first coat of my Revlon Ultimate All in One I will use the access mascara and just sweep through my brows. I think this because it fills my brows in just enough without being super dramatic and it also keeps them in place

*Lips: I always use Carmax and that's it

This is all I have been doing for my makeup recently and I love this look because I've been in love with peachy makeup looks lately. I know it's not much but it was just Summer and I personally don't like wearing too much makeup in hot weather. Also like I said it will be Fall soon and my makeup look will definitely change so stay tuned for an updated makeup look and I will also be doing a fall makeup look so keep an eye out for those two and thank you for reading