Fall. This is my favorite season. In my country is really nice because we have the four seasons and you can enjoy every one of them. I don't know that many people here who like fall. The reason is the variable weather. It's nice at the beginning of the day and at the end it's rainy. But I love it. I love it so much. I love the warm colors. I love the coolness. I love the rain. Fall is my favorite season and I can't hide it.
Fall is the moment when you can start all over again. It's the same with spring but I like fall more. You can put away all your thin clothes and take all your sweaters, cardigains, boots and thick socks. It's the time when you can wear scarfs and beanies. Big umbrellas are a must too. You can enjoy every moment of fall in and outside. You can throw away everything you don't need and clean your space. It'll give a nice and fresh start. You can buy cocoa a cream. What better drink than this? You can make a nice relaxing playlist. Not something summery because you don't want to feel bad that the summer has ended. And you can buy new books. It's not important if you buy them or take some from a friend or from your parents library. And the genre you need is thriller. Well, this may be only my opinion but I think thriller is the best book genre you can read in fall. The reason is the weather itself is cool and creepy. Of course if you read that kind of books you can get scared but anyways, I think you know what I mean. I get scared easily and that's why I don't watch horror movies. But I read books. It's different and it can be even scarier but I enjoy it. This year I really wanted to read Stephen King's books. That's why I get three books from Stephen King from my dad and I'll read them. I hope I'll be able to sleep at night. I'm kind of scared to start them but I really want it and it makes me enjoy fall even more.
Fall, the creepy, warm (but cold) and beautiful season. How can you not like it?

So, hello everyone. I'm Curly_killer, ignore the "99" in my username. I'm 17 years old (and you probably know that if you read my description) and I'm from Bulgaria. This is my first article and it's weird because it's my first time writing in English. I want to apologize if I had made mistakes but I learn English only in school and it's not my native language. Here in this profile I will upload only my photos and articles. I have another one but I really want to keep them separate. So, that's it, I hope you like what I wrote for the fall season and I wish you the best fall ever! Bye~