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Shoutout to everyone who doesn't have any friends. To people who don't have people in their life who make them loved and supported, who has no one to remind them that they are cared for, to check up on them, to remind them to take care.

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Shoutout to the people who feel they have 'friends' but doesn't feel connected to them and feels lonely and misunderstood with them.

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Shoutout to people who have a romantic partner but doesn't have any friends.

To the peole in unhealthy friendships which are proving difficult to get out of.

Shoutout to the people who have online friends but finds that people consider these friendships less worthy.

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To the people who's parents/carers never seem to understand how they find it difficult to make friends, have friends and maintain friendships.

To the people who's mental health/physical health results in friendships seeming almost impossible.

To the people who have been damaged by previous friendships and find it difficult to get close to anyone and trust them.

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To the people who want to have friends but also know it just couldn't happen at the moment.

Your worth is not validated by the amount of friends you have. Having no friends means you are just as important as someone who has lots. You are not alone in your situation. You can be your own bestfriend. You can be strong just being you. You will not be without friends forever. You are loved.

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