Right now, It's 10:00 on a saturday night. I'm sitting in my room listening to a playlist I titled "for those days" Tomorrow I won't be doing the same thing. Tomorrow night I'll probably be on netflix looking for a new show to watch but tonight I'm not feeling up to it. Today was one of "the those days" a day I can't put into the good column. Why? Because everything around me is changing and I hate change. I hate when people leave. I hate when things go wrong so whenever any of this happens I break down and zone in on my sadness but I'm realizing that maybe that isn't the best thing. Yeah I always end up getting out of this funk but I resort to it way too much. Things don't go right all the time but most of the time they do. Sometimes the good outweighs the bad and sometimes it's easy to focus on everything that's going wrong but it's also easy to focus on some of the things that are going right. Sometimes change is good, it lets you evolve into the person you really are. And sometimes change isn't so good but guess what you can either pout about it or move on with your life.